speedpaint that started w/ a sketch of this gorgeous bird

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I had an experience with a baby hummingbird several months ago in which I just barely caught it falling out of its nest. the way I phrased that makes it sound like I was some sort of hero, but I was actually being nosy and accidentally caused the fall to happen in the first place 

anyway I got to hold a baby hummingbird and it was traumatizing and they are maaaybe the size of a coffee bean. just barely. please click here if you doubt me on that 

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Painting for the prompt “sorrow.”

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, here are some dopey owls for you

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what’re you lookin’ at?

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This is a teapot I made out of clay! It’s not really big enough to hold much tea, but the top is a little birds’ nest and I carved the handle and spout to look like twigs. :)

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I really wanted to make a gryphon design based off of this adorable little house martin, whose feet look like fuzzy paws or something. So I did! I imagine he’s probably about the size of the normal house martin, too, because the mental image of a tiny gryphon sitting in the palm of your hand or on your lap is just TOO CUTE

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Red-winged blackbird for a banner-design contest. C: Watercolor and ink!

I actually ended up being a finalist in this design contest, which means that my banner is going to be used! However, I had to reproduce it on a HUGE piece of paper in acrylics first. I’ll post more about that later!!

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