some crummy phone pictures of my aliens!! Messin around with anatomy and posture and age n stuff. top ones are lichen dudes and the bottom ones are my fish dudes.

neither of them have legitimate species names yet even though Ive been working on them for some time now (if you give me species names I will be forever indebted to you)

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inspired by the moon on my drive home last night!!

Jan 3         884

I dont know what made me decide to draw a fire deer but here it is

Jan 2         74

Character portraits for my character information page

From top left to right: Luo Buhari, Bihai Eniste, Oakley Tain, Deesi Khev, [doesnt have a name yet], Zephyr, [also doesnt have a name yet], fish aliens [who don’t really have a name yet]

Jan 1         30
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Merry Christmas! This was my Christmas card design for this year. The text says “god jul," which is Swedish for "merry Christmas" (god jul = good yule).

Acrylics (and a bit of black copic) on tan paper!

Dec 24         84

Aforementioned small needlefelted reindeer goes on an adventure around the Christmas tree!

Dec 17         128
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Needlefelted caribou/reindeer!

This gal is the first needlefelted animal I’ve ever created with wire armature inside. She’s poseable! She has a fluffy butt! She’s also the most time-intensive needlefelting project I’ve ever taken up, and I’ve learned a lot from her. For instance, the wire I used was way too thick, and apparently they make wire especially for this purpose. Oops!

I took her outside today for a little adventure in the snow. She also explored our Christmas tree and seemed to thoroughly enjoy both experiences. c:

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still lives for my Fundamental Graphics class final. I got bored with the traditional still life so I decided to do some skulls n stuff

Dec 8         65
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Last year for Christmas I bought my grandpa a brew-your-own beer kit, and he has not stopped raving about it ever since. He loves that thing more than anything else he’s received in YEARS. I can’t tell you whether his beer is any good (I am not knowledgeable about alcohol) but I thought for his Christmas gift this year I’d build off of what I gave him last year. 

So, td;lr: this is a beer bottle label that I designed for my grandpa this Christmas. I’m going to get them printed so he can hopefully have some very snazzy looking bottles to put his beer in!!

The dog is his (and my) dog, and Laurel Hill is what my grandma likes to call their house.

Dec 4         17
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Hard to imagine galaxy. Too many people. Faceless. Statistics. Easy to depersonalize. Can’t anthropomorphize galaxy, but can think of favorite nephew. Fighting for him.

I got to the part in ME3 where Mordin… well, where he made me cry. I had to quit playing and paint him in honor of one of my all-time favorite crewmates, who did the things he had to do because others may have gotten it wrong.

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I made a spoopy background for my main blog B)

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this time on “I dont know how to sketch something without turning it into a weird painting”

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I worked on these while streaming today! They’re studies I did mainly to focus on light and color. They were based off of these pictures: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

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aww ye SWIMMING KAIJU CREATURE. This was a good excuse for me to draw reptilian mouths and cool eyes and bubbles and otachi-esque-head-spike-things (???).


also someone needs to help me name this guy ok

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a bunch of animals that people asked me to draw!!

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