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# i dont think I will ever express how much I love fleet foxes
an argument [x]

an argument [x]

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# I literally saw a cloud and went ''what if it was a beetle''
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# what the frick do I tag this. question mark
# ???????????
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# alternate title: alien goober ponders shepard's existence
# I bet hes sayin somethin wistful like ''i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night'' smethin sappy like that
# I cnat believe I managed to draw him right this time. wow thanks photo refs
see u, space boyfriend……………….

see u, space boyfriend……………….

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# i love drawing u tank baby


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# I have been meaning to draw saren forever and tonight i was just like frick it
semi-loveable reaper dick with an unfairly cool face

semi-loveable reaper dick with an unfairly cool face

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# Ive been trying to limit myself to sketchier stuff
# instead of rendering everything out and getting mad at myself for doing so
# so here s a vort
vorts vorts vorts

vorts vorts vorts

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# I was like. i am in the mood to draw some vorts. and then I realized I always am in the mood to draw vorts
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# vorts
# vortigaunts
follow, freeman

follow, freeman

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I’m opening a few slots for custom rubber stamp commissions!! The size of each stamp will depend on the design, but the stamps will be about the size of the bison one above (about 2 inches in length), give or take a little. 
(They will not be the size of those ex libris stamps above, unless you want one that size, in which case we can talk about that!!)

They are carved from rubber and I will glue them onto a piece of wood for you so that you can actually use the stamp without getting ink all over your hands uvu


$20 per stamp, plus the little bit of money needed for shipping (pretty sure that’s like $2 or something but I have to confirm it at the post office).

I can carve words, but I will charge extra if you want them because I have to carve them backwards and that can be difficult!

Slots open

1. taken by risque-de-chute

2. taken by silvermender


 If enough people are interested I will order some more rubber and open more slots, but for now there are just three. 

Payment will be through Paypal. Message me on here if you are interested! It’ll be first come first serve.

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unraveled-watchmeproveit: May we purchase your stamps?

AaaaaAAAAAAAH, I might set up stamp commissions at some point? I also might sell some of the ones I’ve previously made at some point? I will let you know if I do!! uvu 

If you have anything specific in mind, feel free to let me know!

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This was one of the first rubber stamps I ever made! A bison! bye, son

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# I should post more stamps on here probably
# lets see if I can find some

I’ve never really posted any of my rubber stamps on here before!! Here is a bookplate stamp I made for my friend as a Christmas present. uvu She was kind enough to take some of these great photos for me!

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# this took for frickin ever geez I started it back when I was replaying ME2
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I̗͖̱̤̺̓ͩͩ͑̌ͅ ̞̱ͣ́̂ͣK͔͙̝̞̳̇̃́̒N̲̱̝̰͓͗̅ͥͣͫͦ̾̾Ò̫̠̦͙̑̑̿W̦̮̙͙̮̙̙͛ͅ ̻̜̺̽ͫ̊̂Y̼̭͐O͚̞̳̘̥͚̔̒ͮͪͬ͌̑̓̑U̻̝̹̐̿̋͛̆ ̭͚͓̭̣̐͂͐ͫ͑F͖̘̘̮͚̅͑̌̊Ḛ̟͙̩̠̣̃E̮͚͍̥͒ͮ̍̌L̺̅ͨͬ̉͆ͤ̉͋ ̳͖̤̝͙͓̌̆ͬ͌̅́͂̅̚T̘̰̱͆̎́ͤ̏H͈̹̞͔̻̯͓̥͊́ͧ̏ͩͅI̘͇̻̳ͮ̔̃́S̹͇̿͒̂ͧ̍̄͊ͨ

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Turn-around of a 3d model of my fish aliens!! Not finished yet— I need to add more texture to the model (wrinkles, skin, etc.) and then actually texture it. Also, the ears aren’t done yet because I haven’t quite figured out how to make the webbing or the long bits on em.

Done in Mudbox (I prefer Zbrush, but mudbox is free and zbrush is mega expensive).

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# those are literally my tags for them Im so sorry
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some crummy phone pictures of my aliens!! Messin around with anatomy and posture and age n stuff. top ones are lichen dudes and the bottom ones are my fish dudes.

neither of them have legitimate species names yet even though Ive been working on them for some time now (if you give me species names I will be forever indebted to you)

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