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I want to believe

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some process stuff for this

I modeled the top skull in mudbox from a sphere, jaw & fangs were modeled in maya first & then imported into mudbox for sculpting, spine & shoulderblades & tubes were modeled in maya. I only modeled what was going to be seen in the finished comp.
then I brought everything into maya, added textures, added some mist, rendered two versions, composited them together, and painted over them. 8) I’ll get some better renders of the skull itself later maybe? 

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finished version of this for my digital illustration class! experimenting with 3d modeling & painting over it. it was a lot of fun 8) 

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I’ve wanted to make this joke for so long

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I made this rubber stamp awhile back (march-ish) as a birthday present for my buddy owligator!!

wish I had taken a few photos of the actual stamp itself, but at least I got a good impression off of the stamp (which I usually…. forget to do……..)

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A few stamps I made last schoolyear for fun, for my friend Hannah (digging-in-detrital-art )! She also took most of these photos/let me use her camera to take a couple photos myself (thank you!! they look so nice!!!!). The lighting that night was really really pretty, wowee

the stamps are made of rubber and are glued to wooden backings. the all-seeing eye stamp has a glassy coating on the back to make it shiny 8)

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I want to believe

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SCHOOLWORK!! havin’ fun with glowy things and smilodon skulls and 3d modeling!! fun stuff

it’s a wip and he doesn’t have his teeth yet…. or his lower jaw……….. and also he might not actually be pink. also I just edited these screencaps in photoshop to make it pink because mudbox doesn’t have a pink material preset boooo

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a little acrylic painting sketch thing I did awhile back! I reffed from a photo near the beginning of this but I don’t know where that photo is now :’0 

it looks way better in real life and I couldn’t quite get the colors to match the real thing. hopefully this nerd can vouch for me because I sent the original to her!! 

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after doing repaints of this toothless and this gronkle, I found a little $2 nadder at target and decided to repaint it, too! This one was pretty complicated and took quite awhile to paint, especially because it’s so small. my little brother wants me to tell you all that that’s his hand.

Here’s what she looked like before painting (I got this pic off the internet, mine actually looked worse)!

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I looooove animal teeeeeethhhhh

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speedpaint that started w/ a sketch of this gorgeous bird

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a few months ago when I was pretty upset, one of my best buds (cortnan) gave me a really good pep talk. One of the things that really stuck with me from our conversation was these words: The first step is getting up. 

I thought they were so important that I decided to draw them out on a sticky note pretty much immediately after she said ‘em, and I’ve kept it by my bed ever since. When I have a hard time waking up in the morning, Swans’ words are there next to my alarm clock. the first step is getting up.

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